Four Advantages of Property in Durham NC


Previously home to two Native American tribes, Durham NC was founded in 1881 with plantations and farms now commemorated at Historic Stageville, Bennett Place and Duke Homestead. These sites are available for exploration and hands on learning about negotiations that took place during the Civil War and the South’s industrial revolution. Durham has a proud history of advancement in the civil rights movement and they continue to take great strides toward making history every day. Now with 267,587 residents, advantages of property in Durham NC include being part of a community who cares about the marks they make for future generations.images


Any family coming to Durham, NC with their children will be interested in the schools. Public education at Durham Public Schools proudly educates more than 33,000 students and is the 7th largest public school system in North Carolina. Durham also began North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics which is the United States first public residential high school specifically geared toward science and math and is part of the University of North Carolina’s school system.

Public high schools aren’t the only academic resources in Durham. Duke University, one of the foremost private academic institutions in the entire country, as well as Carolina Central University and Durham Technical Community College are in Durham. All educational bases are covered for anyone looking for more training or specialized learning.


In Durham, you have options. Rather than simply using one’s car on the expanding roadways and network of streets to accomodate a growing population, consider using other alternatives.

The bus is an affordable possibility which takes you around Durham and the Triangle to get you conveniently close to your desired destination. Using a train appeals to the professional crowd as it eliminates exhaust upon your clothes. Visiting the Amtrak website will show you how to purchase tickets, view arrival and departure times as well as changing reservations and getting updates on the train’s schedule. Other beneficial ways to get places would be on a bike or by foot. There are trails and more information on the best places to walk around Durham.

If you need to travel a much further distance, the Raleigh-Durham International Airport can give you a lift and their website will have information on where they fly as well as maps and parking. All in all, you have the opportunity to get places easily and conveniently… and it’s affordable.p_management_img1


Durham, NC understands the need for culture for their residents. They provide a variety of fun events to attend and enjoy that are suitable for all ages. The Nasher Museum of Art houses great art to enjoy and classy events to attend, the American Dance Festival hosts performances and creates educational opportunities. There is also the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival which residents can support by purchasing tickets or even sponsoring as well as the Bull Durham Blues Festival which provides fun for the entire family.

This city may teem with crowds of people, but they provide a small-town feel with their family friendly values and quality activities for everyone to enjoy. Anyone can come to Durham and feel joined to this community with their fun-loving events and excellent opportunities for education and personal growth.

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